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When it comes to performing construction in an active healthcare facility, patient safety is paramount. 

ODHS creates safe environments for patients and staff through the construction of ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) Containments to support a wide range of projects in healthcare facilities.

Our skilled team is trained on the latest products and installation techniques. We work with life safety drawings to ensure airtight protection for staff and patients from any construction dust or debris. Our ICRA Panel Containments offer a flexible, aesthetically pleasing solution to controlling contaminants and construction noise so work can be completed with minimal disruption to the facility’s operations.

6 Steps to ICRA Excellence

No matter how big or small the project, ODHS has the expertise and experience to help general contractors and hospital Infectious Control Teams perform risk assessments and ensure the proper containment is specified during the planning stages. We bring a well-defined approach to ICRA Containtments that has consistently helped drive project success and safety.

1 Educate – ODHS works with stakeholders to establish an understanding of the importance of a top-of-the-line ICRA Containment in controlling Hospital Acquired Infections in a healthcare facility.

2 Design – Working from Life-Safety Drawings, we develop ICRA plans that go hand-in-hand with an Interim Life Safety Measure to provide effective containment solutions while minimizing disruptions in active healthcare environments.

3 Build – We construct an aesthetically pleasing Starc Systems Hard Wall Barrier containment while using 2” Rigid Fiberglass Duct Board above the ceilings to create an airtight seal.

4 Inspect & Maintain – ODHS ICRA Technicians provide daily inspection and maintenance of all ICRA containments, which includes monitoring pressure within containments, cleaning panels, changing sticky mats & pre-filters, and keeping above-ceiling barricades tightly sealed. Following our maintenance team, a dedicated Quality Control Manager provides weekly reviews and containment reports.

5 Monitor & Report – ODHS manometers generate detailed reports from pressure readings throughout the life of the containment and send alerts via text and email if containment pressure drops below required levels.

6 Deconstruct & Clean – Upon completion of the project, ODHS removes above-ceiling and hard wall barrier systems and thoroughly cleans the jobsite in preparation for final terminal clean.

Uncompromising Quality. Unparalleled Protection.

Lesser ICRA containment  materials present a higher chance for failure, putting hospital staff and patients at risk or leading to schedule delays in your project. Poly barriers and even drywall can create not only logistical challenges for hospital construction work, they pose safety risks for staff and patients. ODHS is committed to using only top-of-the-line products to build our ICRA containments.

We exclusively employ Starc System Hard Wall Barrier Panels in our containments. Not only are these 2” rigid fiberglass panels aesthetically pleasing, they reduce construction noise by up to 50% while exceeding ICRA Class IV and ASTM E-84 requirements. ODHS owns the largest Starc Systems inventory in Virginia with over 1200 linear feet on hand and ready to deploy.

Accurately maintaining negative pressure within the containment is also an essential aspect of ICRA containment. We deploy OmniGuard Differential Pressure Monitors to provide real-time data.

Taken together, these technologies ensure maximum containment and protection for hospital staff and patients.

Featured Projects

UVA University Hospital Expansion

Charlottesville, VA
GC: Skanska
ODHS built Class IV ICRA Containments throughout the hospital for a vertical expansion tie-in and renovations using Starc Systems Real Wall panels.

Bon Secours St. Francis

Richmond, VA
GC – Skanska
ODHS built Class IV ICRA Containments throughout the hospital for a vertical expansion tie-in and renovations using Starc Systems Real Wall panels. Completed On Time/On Budget with no injuries.

Parham Doctors Hospital

Richmond, VA
GC – Gilbane
ODHS constructed Class IV ICRA Containments throughout the hospital around active departments using Starc Systems Real Wall panels keeping pressure between -0.03 and -0.06.

HCA Johnston Willis 4th & 5th Floor

Richmond, VA
ODHS was called in to supplement another ICRA contractor to build Class IV contaminants surrounding active NICU and ICU departments.

VCU Children’s Hospital of Richmond (CHoR)

Richmond, VA
ODHS faced challenging renovations that included capturing an open 3-story stairwell in the main lobby using scaffolding and Class IV ICRA measures while keeping pressure between -0.03 and -0.06.

VCU Main 3 IR

Richmond, VA
GC: Barton Malow
We installed Class IV ICRA Containments throughout Level 3 of VCU Main Hospital around active ORs and ICUs using Starc Systems Real Wall panels maintaining pressure between -0.03 and -0.06.


Landon Booth, CCHM – Division Manager

ODHS is led by Landon Booth. He has extensive background in selective demolition, hazardous material abatement, firestopping, and ICRA Containments, as well as his depth of experience working in active hospitals, means Landon is an ideal partner for helping to ensure this vital aspect of your project is handled thoroughly, safely, and professionally.

Landon has worked on a range of projects including the UVA University Hospital Expansion, UVA University Hospital 7th & 8th Floor Renovation, VCU Main 3 IR, VCU CHoR Renovations, St. Francis Renovation & Expansion, Parham Doctors Hospital Renovations, and Johnston Willis 4th & 5th Floor Renovations.

Landon holds the following certifications:

  • ASHE Healthcare Construction Workshop
  • CICTI Certified Healthcare Manager (CCHM)
  • ECRI ICRA in Healthcare
  • Infection Control University

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